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Your success strategy!Dear traders,

There’s no universal formula for success, otherwise all the people were as reach as Warren Buffett, BUT!

FreshForex helps you to develop YOUR own success strategy at minimum financial costs.

How does it work?

You can insure your trades with Cashback service: it doesn’t matter, whether you get profit or loss — we credit up to $20 per closed lot.

Make experiments! Set up Cashback depending on your trading strategy and get real cash payments every week.

Yes you got it correctly — credited funds are fully WITHDRAWABLE, you can also invest them in trading.


3 025 traders enabled Cashback during 6 months of 2018.

$93 282 we paid traders as cashback in the same period.


Enable Cashback in two clicks and reduce spread costs to minimum!

Effective solution for your profit

Effective solution for your profit

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